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Die 3 CrossFit-Typen

Published by Admin on August 31, 2019

Welcher Typ bist du?  

Es gibt 3 unterschiedliche Motivationen um CrossFit zu betreiben:

 1. CrossFit aus Mittel zum Zweck:

Die Mehrheit der Leute in CrossFit Gyms, sind die Menschen, die CrossFit aus Mittel zum Zweck betreiben. Sie wollen nicht nur Fit aussehen, sondern auch Fit sein, sie wollen bessere Radfahrer, Skifahrer, Wanderer oder aktive Eltern sein, die im Park mit ihren Kindern Fußball spielen können. Sie nutzen CrossFit um ihre allgemeine körperliche Bereitschaft zu erhöhen. Das bedeutet nicht, dass sie weniger „Athleten„ sind als andere, jedoch unterscheiden sich deren Ziele.

2.CrossFit als Freizeitsport: 

Diese Personen fühlen sich aufgrund der kleinen Wettbewerbe zu CrossFit hin gezogen. Gemeinsam mit einem Kumpel einen kleinen Wettkampf aus zu tragen, ist motivierender als alleine ins Gym zu gehen. Wer geht öfter zum training, wer lernt als erster eine schwere Übung, wer hat die bessere Zeit in einem „Benchmark-Workout“ oder wer erreicht als erster die gewünschte Strandfigur? Solche Situationen verhelfen uns zu mehr Trainingsmotivation. Wer CrossFit als Freizeitsport nutzt, betreibt es in der Regel auch ein bisschen ernster. Das bedeutet, er überdenkt sein Ernährungsverhalten und treibt auch außerhalb der CrossFit Box ganz bewusst Sport. Viele nutzen CrossFit um in ihrer eigentlichen Sportart, wie z.B. Fußball, Basketball, Schwimmen, Marathon etc. ein höheres Niveau zu erreichen oder durch eine bessere Bewegungsqualität, Verletzungen vor zu beugen. 

3.CrossFit als Sport (Elite-Ebene)

Die Sportler, die wir in den meisten CrossFit Videos oder jedes Jahr bei den CF-Games sehen, sind die absolute Ausnahme. Diejenigen, die wir an der Spitze des Feldes sehen, sind Menschen, die es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht haben, den Sport zu leben. Ab solch ein Niveau ist es kein Freizeitsport mehr, es ist vielmehr harte Arbeit und das jeden Tag. Sie sind bereit Opfer zu bringen und ihre freie Zeit.


Published by Admin on August 31, 2019


“Sexiness is a state of mind—a comfortable state of being. It’s about loving yourself in your most unlovable moments.”

-Catherine Lucas

Before I launch into an article that is a complete change of pace for me, I want to make it clear that I do not assume to know what every person finds “sexy”. Everyone has their own preference of what turns them on. However, after spending an intimate amount of time in the CrossFit world, meeting a ton of athletes from different boxes both here in the U.S. and in Europe, I feel confident enough in stating that we, as CrossFitters, exhibit some incredibly sexy attributes. This piece isn’t going to make you a better athlete, or smarter in any way. But it’s nice to read something different once in a while isn’t it? If anything, I hope it brightens up your day and gives you (yes, YOU) this reminder: Hey CrossFitter—you’re sexy.

1. We’re confident

Confidence is an incredibly attractive trait to have. It shows that you are sure of yourself and your qualities as an individual. What better way to develop confidence than by consistently putting yourself in uncomfortable situations to achieve new goals—and then actually achieving them again and again? Remember that pull-up you never thought you’d get? Or that bodyweight clean that seemed so scary? I think we can all agree that our confidence skyrockets every time we hit a new PR or achieve a movement we once thought we’d never get. All of a sudden, those difficult situations outside of the box that once made you tense start to retreat in the face of your ever-growing conviction. Hey, if you can make it through Murph, Fran, or any other monstrous concoction of a WOD, you know you have the cojones  to tackle anything that life throws at you. And that confidence is infectious. There’s a whole lot of mojo in the air at a CrossFit box.

2-We have great social skills

Unless you joined an affiliate where you already know some of the members, chances are that you started your CrossFit career without knowing a single athlete at the box. But that’s ok, because you’ll get to know them real fast. You can’t hide in a CrossFit box. You will be thrust into the spotlight by your coach on day 1, who will welcome you to the community as a new member (or even a drop-in!). On top of that, you will invariably be paired up with others for various WODs and strength work, which forces you to interact with new people who will quickly become your friends. Soon enough, you’ll be the one taking the initiative to welcome a newcomer to the affiliate, and you’ll have no problem striking up a conversation with strangers outside of the gym too. In an age where technology and social networks are making us increasingly anti-social, it’s incredibly valuable (and attractive) to be able to communicate with others in person with confidence.

3. We’re brave

Determination, bravery, courage—all interchangeable terms that essentially mean the same thing: CrossFitters refuse to give up. Like a Hollywood hero that fights on to the very end, saves the day and gets the girl, “quitting” isn’t a term in a CrossFitter’s vocabulary—even when facing insurmountable odds. Honestly, what could be hotter? Staring down your mighty foe (the WOD) with only your skills and body to tackle it, you summon every ounce of your willpower to take on this great adversary. It may frighten to you, but that’s the point. If it were easy, you wouldn’t get much of a challenge out of it, would you? And it certainly wouldn’t be all that sexy. No, we welcome the challenge, we embrace the fear. Everybody wants to be swept off their feet, and with the courage of a CrossFitter (and some excellent lifting mechanics), we are the right people for the job.

4. We’re just the right amount of crazy

The sexiest people all have a bit of crazy in them, but there is a fine line between attractive, spicy sexy and pack up your shit and run for the hills crazy (Miley Cyrus). Now, some people may question the sanity of people that are willing to pay to put themselves through extreme mental and physical hardship in the pursuit of better health and excellent fitness, but we already know that there’s a method to the madness, because it works. I’d argue that this kind of crazy is the good kind. The kind that says, “Hey, I’m a spontaneous person that has a bucket-load of confidence, let’s jump off this airplane.” Our top-level athletes exhibit this mentality regularly, and often get hurt in the process (Matt Chan). But it’s all good, because he/she who dares, wins. And they’ll likely look damn sexy doing it (cue cool movie explosion in the background).

5. We’re fit

Finally, we come to the main essence of what a CrossFitter is. I truly believe that every CrossFitter is fit—or they are in the process of becoming fit. Obviously, the streamlined abs and powerful muscles that are commonplace among our kind help to promote the image of aesthetic beauty among CrossFitters, but as this excellent CrossFit documentary pointed out, beauty is subjective—and so is sexiness. A perfectly executed air squat can be beautiful, and anyone who has seen a muscle-up or snatch performed in slow motion understands that there truly is beauty in fitness. But if you’re looking for down right sexiness, you need look no further than your own CrossFit box. Music blares from the speakers, men and women “pumping iron”, muscles flared as sweat caresses down their bodies. Yep, that sounds downright sexy to me.